Monday, December 22, 2008

Mom- hujan bulan Desember

Mom,sengaja aku menahan semua gelora hati di bulan desember,melihat rumput rumput basah, bahkan aku tidak mengucap sesuatu untukmu di tanggal sebelas.Mom,aku tahu dirimu tidak tidur disana, hanya aku yang tertidur pulas saat tanggalan kalender berjatuhan.11 tahun semua eksperimen ego ini.Aku berubah,dunia berubah,pekerjaanku menyusun warna warna selera juga berubah Mom,Cucu cucu mu juga tumbuh besar,bahkan ada cucu baru mom dirumah,kubiarkan ia meninggali kamar hijauku yang dulu selalu biru dengan damai dan sebuah mug coklat besar teh, aku selalu merindumu mengetuk pintu kamarku.Malam ini hatiku pilu melihat orang orang memeluk ibunya,memayungi ibunya dalam hujan,membukakan pintu,Mom aku ingin pulang tapi kemana aku pulang jika tiada dirimu.Hatiku kurang lebar dan tidak seluas seperti perasaan saat pertama masuk ke arena es.Mom pohon yang dulu kita tanam sekarang sudah setinggi kakak jerapah,aku suka sekali berteduh dibawahnya....Mom, jika Bulan tak mau menerangi jalan pulangku malam ini, biarkan aku bersama serigala seringala itu.,
desember hanya satu dan itu hanya untukmu.


semoga ada pohon yang rindang juga disana Mom.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Hello Little Girl

Hello little girl,
Hello little girl,
Hello little girl.

When I see you every day,
I say, "Mm-mm, hello little girl"
When you're passing on your way,
I say, "Mm-mm, hello little girl"

When I see you passing by,
I cry, "Mm-mm, hello little girl"
When I try to catch your eye,
I cry, "Mm-mm, hello little girl."

I send you flowers
But you don't care.
You never seem to see me
Standing there,
I often wonder what you're thinking of,
I hope it's me
And love, love, love.

So I hope there'll come a day
When you'll say
Mm-mm, you're my little girl.

It's not the first time that it's happened to me,
It's been a long, lonely time
And it's so funny, so funny to see
That I'm about to lose my mind.

So I hope there'll come a day
When you say
Mm-mm, you're my little girl, mm-mm-mm.
You're my little girl, mm-mm-mm.
You're my little girl, oh yeah.
You're my little girl.


Hati bergelora

hati bergelora melihat desain tees and sweat menjelma menjadi wardrobe untuk video klip sean paul, yeah yeah, yeah!
watch closely..

am i?

skinhead with mess hair, rudeboy with attitude,rock n roll school 60's, 70's,80's,90's how will love will find a way?doowoopboy,yellow submariner,abbeyroadcrosser, eerrr there was love all around but i never heard them singing, no i never heard that it all till there was you..

step closer tobe MOD

Mod (originally modernist, sometimes capitalised) is a subculture that originated in London in the late 1950s and peaked in the early to mid 1960s.

Significant elements of the mod lifestyle included pop music, such as African American soul, Jamaican ska, and British beat music and R&B; fashion (often tailor-made suits); and Italian motor scooters. The mod scene was also associated with amphetamine-fuelled all-night dancing at clubs.The mod scene developed when British teenagers began to reject the "dull, timid, old-fashioned, and uninspired" British culture around them, with its repressed and class-obsessed mentality and its "naffness" . From the mid to late 1960s onwards, the mass media often used the term mod in a wider sense to describe anything that was believed to be popular, fashionable or modern.

There was a mod revival in the United Kingdom in the late 1970s, which was followed by a mod revival in North America in the early 1980s, particularly in Southern California.

Hard mods

In the mid- to late 1960s, the mod subculture continued, albeit with many changes, with the hard mod subculture. Hard mods often lived in the same economically depressed areas of South London where West Indian immigrants lived, and the hard mods emulated the rude boy look of pork pie hats and too-short Levis jeans. Dick Hebdige claims that as early as the Margate and Brighton brawls between mods and rockers, some mods were seen wearing boots and braces (suspenders) and sporting close cropped haircuts, which "artificially reproduces the texture and appearance of the short negro hair styles" (though this was as much for practical reasons, as long hair was a liability in industrial jobs and streetfights). Hebdige notes as white hard mods began listening to Jamaican ska and going to black nightclubs like Ram Jam, the youth culture commentators of the time were puzzled. He claims that the hard mods were drawn to black culture and ska music in part because the educated, middle-class hippie movements' drug-oriented and intellectual music did not have any relevance for them. The hard mods were also attracted to ska because it was a secret, underground, non-commercialized music that was disseminated through informal channels such as house parties and clubs.

Early skinheads

The hard mods soon transformed into the first skinheads, a non-political scene of "aspiring 'white negros' " who mingled with black rude boy youths and danced the shuffle to ska in West Indian clubs such as A-Train and Sloopy's. However, this intercultural mixing was neither perfect — there was no similar mingling with Pakistani or Indian youth — nor was it sustainable for long. As UK West Indian culture picked up the "Africanized" celebration of Black culture, fissures began to develop between the two races. When the Jamaican song "Young, Gifted and Black" was played at UK Black clubs, for example, the skinheads would rephrase the lyrics as "Young, Gifted, and White", which prompted fights with black club-goers.

As well, in the late 1960s and early 1970s, young whites and blacks were in fierce competition for the few working-class jobs that were available, because the demand for unskilled workers was decreasing. Due to discrimination, whites were often preferred over blacks, which increased tensions between the racial groups; a 1968 article indicated that young whites from some poor areas were five times more likely to be employed than young blacks. As well, by the early 1970s, West Indian blacks began taking up the Jamaican Rastafarian movement, wearing dreadlocks, smoking pot, and using the Rasta greeting "Peace and Love". For the skinheads, the black culture of streetwise "rude boys" that they had once tried to emulate was now taking on elements of the "peace and love"-oriented hippie culture that they abhorred.

In the 1970s in the Midlands and Northern industrial regions, the skinhead movement broke the links with the black culture; going to football (soccer) matches became the main preoccupation, not listening to ska and club-going.. The Midlands and Northern skinheads began to be increasingly linked to football hooliganism and brawling with the supporters of rival football clubs. In the same way that fashion and style had helped 1960s-era mods to escape from the humdrum of working-class jobs, the excitement of nighttime brawls with rival football club supporters provided skinheads with an escape from their gritty industrial and mining jobs.

The early skinheads retained basic elements of mod fashion — Fred Perry and Ben Sherman shirts, Sta-Prest trousers and Levi's jeans — but mixed them with working class-oriented accessories such as braces and Dr. Martens work boots. The early skinheads kept some of the original mod music styles alive; specifically ska, soul, rocksteady and early reggae. These first skinheads had no association with any political movements, and mostly represented working-class pride and solidarity. Mods were also part of the northern soul scene, a subculture based on obscure 1960s and 1970s American soul records. Eventually, mods evolved into, or merged with, other subcultures such as individualists, stylists, and scooterboys, creating a mixture of "taste and testosterone" that was both self-confident and streetwise.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dream of horses

sufy wrote the saddest song
He showed it to a girl in school today
sufy, where did you go wrong?
You used to make me smile when i was down
sufy was a teenage rebel
He did it with a girl when he was young
He gave himself to books and learning
He gave himself to being number one
sufy, i don't know you if you're gonna show me everything
sufy, i don't know you if you're gonna show me everything

sufy got a book at school
He went under the cover with his torch
He fell asleep till it was morning
He dreamt about the boy who stole a horse
sufy never felt so good except when he was sleeping
sufy never felt so good except when he was sleeping

sufy, let's go for a walk
We can kiss and whatever you want
But you will be disappointed
You will asleep with ants in your pants
sufy, you're just trying to find and keep the dream of horses
And the song he wrote was sufy and the dream of horses
Dream of horses
You dream of horses

The best looking girls are taken
The best looking girls are staying inside
So sufy, where does that leave you?
Walking the street from morning to night
With a star upon your shoulder lighting up the path that you walk
With a parrot on your shoulder, saying everything when you talk
If you're ever feeling blue
Then write another song about your dream of horses
Write a song about your dream of horses
Call it sufy and the dream of horses
Call it sufy and the dream of horses
You dream of horses

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sketch Book

yes, this is the world we cant deny

i got johny in my head when im feeling so sad

Sweet child o mine (Victoria Bergman)

fear of Tom York
(absolutely Absurd)

the Dark Cloud and im ruined

komposisi: kertas sketchbook A5+boredoom+tremor+nerve+killing time+uncoming friend+Sweat+It's Raining outside+Tootache+Sweet Manggo on my Plate

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tonight Tour

OMG, udah lama banget gada di crowd sebanyak ini meets old buddy, enjoying gigs, dan pulangnya budek2 karena kelamaan deket2 speaker yang segede gajah...oh iya semalem netral ulang taun...zzz kebanyakan fotonya kalo di upload disini preview:The Jaka Sembung,SIGIT,NAIF,Netral,Pure Saturday,Kuburan,Keparat

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Look around my head (am i Brand Minded?)

Shirts/Tees: Ben Sherman-Fred Pherry-dan sepemberinya teman2 clothing(DSVS-Tendencies-RSCE,dll)
Pants: Wool merk cina from Gedebage-Beth Jeans-ToxicFish-Wrangler
Sandals:Simpang Dago 10rb/pasang
Drink:Diet Coke-Aqua-Tea
Vehicle:VW Beetle
Wallet:Endorsement from Tendencies
Shox:Gasibu 10rb 3 pasang
Emergency ransom:Mie Gelas
TV:Nanotech(beli di hypermart Malang)
Soap-shampoo-pasta gigi:Lifebuoy-Ponds-Clear-Close UP
Boxer:Rumah Mode and some endorsment from local clothing
Hat/Cap/Beanies:Mooks-dan kupluk beli dari pinggir BIP (gada yg pernah dipake)
Glasses:Endorsment dari Tiara mandiri -Choke(my own Label)-Rayband dan dari Om Don Lego my everytime fave glass seller in Cihapit street

betapa konsumtifnya hidup ini ternyata, seperti terbentuk pola dibawah alam sadar untuk terus setia pada produk produk yang sebenarnya belum tentu baik buat kita..kalo kata Efek Rumah kaca(kholil) sich: peliknya kehidupan urban...belanja terus sampai mati, tapi saya gak belanja kok..banyak yang didapatkan dari sponsorship..eerr rupanya saya harus terus berafirmasi baik untuk visi hidup biar bawah alam sadar kita saja yang bekerja, mungkin akan dimulai dengan keingininan:saya dapat..atau saya punya bukan saya membeli.. ya ya..ingatkan saya untuk terus dapat berafirmasi baik...ya sudah tidur saja sekarang daripada tambah gak jelas..(turn off the lights)Goodnite everyone..(greet to noone here)

long and winding road

setelah partnya minggu kemaren video klip selesai maka diteruskan kegilaannya lagi di jalan asia afrika tengah malam...duhhhh...should i say: my vacation is paid off now im old and bored...

Saturday, November 08, 2008

galeri sakit

dibantu oleh:

dikerjakan setelah menyelesaikan satu sisi bartroom work.

Saturday Night Lonely Man's Best Friend

unfinished bathroom work


it's bit quite lately
i need to breath..

Thursday, November 06, 2008

semacam foto2 bodoh

tampak seperti yaser arafat buka sorban
roy marten?

pernah juga nih punya rambut begini


Alm.Wapres Adam Malik
mirip ka Nunu pemaen kboard acara anak di tv

menunggu jingga tenggelam

suatu hari setan duduk mencangkung dipelataran, beranda sesak dengan rumput yang semakin meninggi meninggalkan debu ke lantai rumah yang dahulu putih bersih, aku berjalan tak mau menoleh seolah tak kenal, padahal mungkin sering kali aku ikut berkongkow dan tertawa melihat ironi seolah hidup ini tiada cela, putih seperti baju perawat atau gaun pengantin yang menjulur tersia sia. ya tetap berjalan sedikit menunduk..menutupi muka dengan tangan..hingga diujung lorong itu jingga telah perlahan memudar..

Monday, November 03, 2008

i wanna be sedated

"I Wanna Be Sedated"

Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go I wanna be sedated
Nothin' to do and no where to go-o-oh I wanna be sedated
Just get me to the airport put me on a plane
Hurry hurry hurry before I go insane
I can't control my fingers I can't control my brain
Oh no no no no no
Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go....
Just put me in a wheelchair, get me on a plane
Hurry hurry hurry before I go insane
I can't control my fingers I can't control my brain
Oh no no no no no
Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go I wanna be sedated
Nothin' to do and no where to go-o-o I wanna be sedated
Just put me in a wheelchair get me to the show
Hurry hurry hurry before I go loco
I can't control my fingers I can't control my toes
Oh no no no no no
Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go...
Just put me in a wheelchair...
Ba-ba-bamp-ba ba-ba-ba-bamp-ba I wanna be sedated
Ba-ba-bamp-ba ba-ba-ba-bamp-ba I wanna be sedated
Ba-ba-bamp-ba ba-ba-ba-bamp-ba I wanna be sedated
Ba-ba-bamp-ba ba-ba-ba-bamp-ba I wanna be sedated

mencuri surya

janggut bapak semakin memutih, apakah splendid inn diberanda alun alun bunder dengan teratai mengembang berwarna menari jingga, tetap mempesona seperti senyuman yang bersembunyi dibalik rindangnya pohon oak,ah aku rindu berkunjung dan memeluk setiap detail kota malang, debu semeru yang membuatku tumbang seperti pohon kering,dan udara yang segenap membuat aku terasing di tanah kelahiran leluhur. Tampaknya akhir akhir ini sebuah pohon telah menarik magnet dari partikel jiwa jiwaku yang terserak, terasa damai dan bercerita tentang segala indah tanpa keluh kesah, terlelap,biarkan aku memupuk daunnya hingga rimbun itu hanya untuk meneduhi aku sekedar tertidur siang.mencuri sinar surya dan terinfus udara dari taman selekta.

" Lost And Found "

I took myself out walking
By the evening i was running
I hadn't done this for a long while
My friend said cheer up it was high time
But can't you see i'm lovesick?
I need a cure so bring it real quick
This time i'm fearing heartbreak
Look at the time it's almost daybreak
Oh i don't want to settle down
I don't want to leave this town
I'm feeling lost and found
Am i wild, wild, wild, wild, wild?
Oh i am most dissatisfied
You can tell this looking in my eyes
She looks like a lovely piece of art
But pills plus miles tear us apart
Took myself out walking
By the evening i was running
I hadn't done this for a long while
My friend said cheer up it was high time
Can't you see i'm lovesick?
I need a cure so bring it real quick
This time i'm fearing heartbreak
Look at the time it's almost daybreak
Oh i don't want to settle down
I don't want to leave this town
I'm feeling lost and found
Am i wild, wild, wild, wild, wild?
Am i wild, wild, wild, wild, wild?
Are we wild, wild, wild, wild, wild?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

calculate Betty

ages: 28 (2+8=10)
car number: D1810TZ (1+8+1+0=10)
number expired: 01-09 (0+1+0+9=10)
years production:64 (6+4=10)

Thanks God for this Bless!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

capturing memories

memori, kemarin kamu menjatuhkan tanggalan kertas yah?
trus kamu mencoreti kalender dan katanya gak bisa liat kebelakang
siapa bilang sih?
apa kabar ya paving blok dibelakang yang ada pohon mangga
terakhir sih ilalangnya udah jadi pohon tomat, yang dipupuk ingatan
tertawa menangis marah dan bingung,kucing(anak) belekan dingin berhimpitan
ternyata rahasia kita ada di debu diatas langit langit yang saya yakin
sampai sekarang belum terbersihkan...
tertawa menagis marah dan bingung
aku memasukannya kedalam binder, jadi kalo pengen merasakan sensasinya
tinggal melihat kedalam hati dan binder itu tetap akan membuat
tertawa menagis marah dan bingung
setiap saat aku ingin

Syurip my true friend

ya, kemana roda roda membawaku menjelajah, tetap pada pancang tali yg mengikat aku menatap, banyak yg ragu akan pemikiran yg absurd bergemuruh dalam kepala yang kepada tembok tembok menyimpan siasat aku menatap.biarkan saja langkah terhalang rumput bergelombang, aku tetap berlari, tersedak dan menyungging sampai benar benar senyum ini menjadi kurva sempurna.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tebak tebakan

Apa bedanya jam 12 siang ama' jam 12 malem?
Kalo jam 12 siang bunyinya neng, neng, neng ...
Kalo jam 12 malem bunyinya neeeng, neeeng...
pintunya bukain neeeng...

Apa beda matahari sama bulan?
Matahari ada diskon, bulan enggak ada

Bebek apa yg jalannya selalu muter ke kiri terus?
Bebek dikunci stang

Apa perbedaan bulan madu pertama dan bulan madu kedua?
Kalau bulan madu pertama istrinya yg teriak
"haaaa..... besar banget"
kalau bulan madu kedua suaminya yg teriak
"haaa..... besar banget"

Hewan apa yg bersaudara?
Katak beradik

Kenapa Superman celana dalamnya merah?
Karena lupa pake pembalut

Apa yg dikatakan orang bisu pertama kali bisa ngomong?
Tes.. tes... 1 2 3 dicoba...

Ikan apa yg matanya banyak sekali?
Ikan teri 1 kilo

Binatang yg paling dibenci anjing laut?
Kucing laut

Apa yg luarnya mulus dalamnya amburadul?
Nenek-nenek naek mercy

Kenapa ayam kalo berkokok matanya merem?
Karena udah hapal teksnya

Telor apa yg paling enak?
Telor yg lagi gatel trus digaruk-garuk

Apa perbedaan rok dg roket?
Roket makin keatas makin nggak kelihatan,
kalau rok makin keatas makin kelihatan

Apa perbedaan antara apel dan upil?
Kalau apel ditaruh di atas meja.
Kalau upil dioles di bawah meja

Kenapa anak babi kalo jalan nunduk?
Karena malu punya ibu seekor babi

Apa bedanya pemurung dg pemulung?
Pemurung tidak pernah merasa gembira,
sedangkan pemulung tidak pelnah melasa gembila

Apa beda susu cap nona dg susu nona?
Kalau susu cap nona kental manis.
Kalau susu nona kental-kentul lebih manis

Kenapa mayat dibungkus kain putih?
Pake hitam...??? siapa takut!!!!

Apa beda unta dg kangkung?
Kalo unta di arab, kalo kangkung di urap

Apa bedanya burung cendrawasih dg perempuan?
Burung cendrawasih adalah burung surga,
sedangkan perempuan adalah surga burung

Kenapa anak kelinci kalo jalan suka lompat-lompat?
Soalnya dia seneng ibunya bukan babi

Kenapa Afrika negaranya miskin?
Karena terlalu sibuk ngeriting rambut

Olah raga apa yg paling berat?
Catur. Masa kuda ama benteng diangkat-angkat

Siapakah presiden RI yg terseksi?
Pa ha Bibi

Apa bedanya sekretaris baik sama sekretaris seksi?
Sekretaris baik "selamat pagi pak"
Sekretaris seksi "sudah pagi pak"

Apakah perbedaan antara seorang pahlawan dan seorang perawan?
Pahlawan berjuang sampai titik darah penghabisan,
sedangkan perawan berjuang hingga titik darah yg pertama

Kenapa stir mobil letaknya kalau 'nggak dikanan ya dikiri.
Kok 'nggak ditengah?
Biar gampang kalau mau ngeludah

Kenapa Bumi makin panas?
Karena Matahari buka cabang dimana-mana

Kenapa Sri Rama memilih Sinta?
Karena kulit Santi tak seputih kulit Sinta

Kenapa anak kodok suka loncat-loncat?
Biasalah... namanya juga anak-anak. Suka iseng..

Kenapa Superman bajunya pake huruf S?
Karena kalau pake M atau XL kegedean

Kenapa suku Irian memakai koteka?
Karena kalau pakai daun pisang ntar dikira lontong

Kenapa kijang tiada duanya?
Karena indosiar memang untuk anda

Buah apa yg berakhiran huruf "K"?
Mangga busuk, pepaya busuk, apel busuk....

Kenapa Batman lambangnya bukan B?
Karena udah dipake sama Bobo..

Bahasa Inggrisnya nasi apa? Rice,
Bahasa Inggrisnya panjang apa? Long
Kalau bahasa Inggrisnya nasi panjang apa?

Monyet apa yg rambutnya panjang?
Monyet gondrong

Ikan apa yg nggak bisa berenang?
Ikan goblok

Gimana cara terbang ke matahari tanpa kepanasan?
Perginya malam hari

Kenapa di dalam bajaj nggak ada nyamuk?
Karena nyamuk sini cuma takut tiga roda

Hewan apa yg paling aneh?
Belalang kupu-kupu. Soalnya kalo siang makan nasi
kalo malam minum susu

Apa persamaan antara ASI dan air mineral?
Sumbernya sama, dari pegunungan

Kenapa bebek goreng rasanya enak?
Karena ada huruf b-nya, coba nggak ada...hiii...

Siapa wanita Indonesia yg paling kuat?
Nyonya Meneer, berdiri sejak th.1918

Wednesday, June 11, 2008